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"My friend and fellow Marine, Tori, came home to find her cat, Toulouse, bloodied up,  declawed, and tail broken by some poor excuse of a human. His breathing is labored. Her other cat, Tinker, is missing as well. Tori is a great person who has had a terrible thing happen to her. I know she hates asking for help like this but her vet bill is a bit more than she can handle right now. Any and all help is greatly appreciated."

People can be the real animals when it comes to abuse of our helpless four legged friends. The above text is for a fundraiser started by one of my viewers. We can't undo this act but we can help Toulouse heal and help his owner cope with this event by covering the vet bills. Never being someone that likes to ask people to do something for nothing, I am offering one last and limited chance to get one of the "TYMP K-9 Unit" vehicle stickers, patches, or pins. This chance to get these items will only be avaiable for 48 hours or until the funds needed are raised (whichever comes first). These items are limited and will not be available for purchase. You have to earn them by doing a good deed for an animal in need. See the items pictured below (artists renderings) and details of how to donate.

• Everyone who donates $10-24 will receive the window sticker

• If you donate $25-39 will receive the PVC Badge patch

• Donate $40 or more will receive both the patch and the sticker

• Donate $100 or more in a single donation, or combination

of two donations will also receive the lapel pin badge.

These prices are a little high, but they are not retail prices. You are not buying the items. The items are gifts as a thank you for donating to a worthy cause. No profit will be made from this fundraiser (except for the Vet providing the medical care.) Use the button below to donate. Make sure to include your address with donation. If you are using paypal click to link your address. If using credit card enter it manually.

Beneficiaries of TYMPPP must be able to pass a 4473 BGC and must use a licensed FFL to obtain their item.

Apply to be a 



Nominate a Veteran!

Nominate a special Veteran in your life to receive a "thank you" courtesy of "HANDGUNS for HEROES" and The Yankee Marshal Posse. One veteran will be chosen each month to receive a free item as a thank you for their personal sacrifices.




Friend is announced during the first live chat of every month.


A new beneficiary is announced during each Sunday Live Chat


Selected Vet is announced during Thursday Live Chat closest to the

15th of the month.

LIVE CHAT Schedule

Thursdays 7pm PST (10pm ET)

Sundays 4pm PST (7pm ET)



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