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Please help support the TYMP Pistol Project with a one time donation!

Many people do not wish to get into monthly subscriptions involving funding sites so here is a way to donate any time you like without commitment. Thanks to all those who donate towards the cause.

FurFriends Animal Rescue


This fundraiser is to benefit "FurFriends Animal Rescue." Due to people abandoning their pets at record numbers since the pandemic, shelters are struggling now more than ever. When you select one of the vinyl window stickers below you are not just purchasing the sticker, but also saving the life of an animal in need. When you donate, in addition to receiving the sticker, you will also receive entries into a drawing for an $800 gift certificate to the retailer of your choice. Corporal sticker purchase gets you ONE entry, Sergeant sticker, Caliber Chart or Fudd Sticker purchase gets you TWO entries, and Captain Sticker purchase gets you FIVE entries. There is no limit to how many stickers you may purchase nor to how many drawing entries you can receive.